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New Year’s resolutions are a common theme this time of year.  Many people set out to make new promises to be better people, read more books, improve their nutrition, improve your fitness level..etc.  These are all noteworthy and honorable goals to set.  Sounds great. Why do people need to reinvent themselves?  Why the changes at this time of year?  I would propose making things important in your life a routine in your life.  Ingrain these actions in your daily routine.  This would be the new normal.  Your new normal.

Gym Go’ers: People get excited and energized to start a new training regimen.  The first day is great.  Second day, a little sore but good as well.  The third day is missed but we plan on coming back soon.  After a three to four weeks of showing up putting in a good effort, the motivation drops and your trips to the gym get few and far between.  Next thing you know it’s coming up on 2016 and time to start a new New Year’s Resolution.  Let me guess, same ones as the previous year.

We all get sidetracked and busy with life.  Many things pop up that require our time and energy.  This is a part of the world we live in.  Many times our nutrition and training gets thrown to the sidelines when things get busy.  Imagine if your training is already scheduled in your weekly routine.  Imagine that training is much a part of your schedule as eating, sleeping, family time and working.  You will not need to think about “when to get to the gym” because you know that you are going to the gym on your scheduled days.  If you miss one day, understandable, then you know you are already scheduled for your next session.

Step #1: Evaluation-What are you trying to accomplish?  Define your goals and make sure they are important in your life.  Write them down.

Step #2: Plan-Come up with a plan of action that will guide you to those goals.  This sounds simplistic but in hindsight many people’s actions do not line up with their goals.

Step #3: Action-The difference between motivation and determination is consistency.  Everyone gets motivated from time to time but determined people are consistent with their efforts.  If it’s important to your life then it must be a part of your life on a continual basis.

Step #4: Re-evaluation-Keep a log of your goals.  Are your efforts on a daily or weekly basis getting you closer to achieving your goals of a healthy lifestyle?  If not, redirect your actions or re-evaluate your goals.

What’s important to you should be ingrained in your lifestyle.  If improving your fitness levels is one of your goals then make it a part of your routine.  Make this a part of your life and it will be as normal as sleeping, eating, going to work.  This is your new normal.

Save the New Year’s Resolutions for another year.


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