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What are your goals for the training?  One main goal for the members in our gym is increasing and improving general fitness levels.  This is what we inform new members on day #1 and focus on everyday.  See the 10 Physical Fitness domains by Crossfit.  Many people have different, individual goals for themselves and prioritize them accordingly.  It is good to have an idea of where you are at and what areas you need or want to improve.

Cardio: Cardiorespiratory Endurance is the ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen. Some peoples' goals may be to increase cardio/endurance.  For these people limiting resting periods by 1.) not resting or 2.) resting less will help them increase work capacity and cardio abilities.  People that train with Crossfit will understand the "red zone", feeling "gassed" or the ability of "getting comfortable with being uncomfortable".

Skills: Developing certain skills is another goal for many.  This requires knowledge with proper techniques and practice, much practice.

Strength: Overall strength is another common goal of many members. As Crossfit includes weight lifting, many people initially see great gains in their gross strength.  This has to with the amount of experience or inexperience they have had with weight lifting.  Their weights also goes up as their form improves.  After a while, the curve of progress slows down and making small gains (5lbs or 10lbs) are expected.  

If your goals are to continually improve your strength, extra efforts will be needed outside of the WODs.  There are many strength programs, formulas, ideas and opinions but to simplify things, if you want to squat more weight, you must squat often.  I am trying to simplify things for the sake of making a point.  Plus, I am a simple guy and the way I want life to be.  We do include a strength component to the WODs and we also have our Strength WODs.  Knowing the weights of your lifts and doing the work will help get you where you want to go.  Our trainers will also add guidance to your endeavors.

Improvement on Proper Technique: If your primary goal is not “the improvement on form and technique” with complex exercises and also basic movements then I will strongly urge you to rearrange the order of your goal's list.  This is paramount with regards to making gains, improving longterm health and also safety.  Take heed of what the trainers are cueing you and apply.  I can’t stress this enough.

Having goals with your training is important to see improvement.  If you are going somewhere you might as well bring a map!  I understand many just want to get a “good workout”.  That is fine but spend some time thinking of what you need to do to improve your overall fitness level.  This will help your thought process when in the gym.  


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Many have asked what weight should they use for the WOD.  We have prescribed weights listed.  If you are asking what weights/standards to use then you should not be at or close to prescribed listed on the whiteboard.  The prescribed weights and/or standards listed is for experienced athletes that have quality form, ability and experience with the WODs.

ABILITIES-How is your ability to perform the movements properly and safely?   If your second warm up rep feels heavy then after 50 reps you will feel like you are trying to lift a baby elephant.  Think of the 3 step progression: Proper Form, Consistency then Speed.  Proper Form-Your form must be locked in with each movement in terms of midline stabilization, balance, sequencing of your movements, using large muscles first and being under control.  Consistency-You should be able to hold your form and not drastically change your movements over multiple reps.  Speed-After you can accomplish this then focus on speed.  

POWER OUTPUT-If the ideal duration of the WOD is around 10:00 then you should be able to complete the WOD right fairly close to 10:00.  Imagine using #135 for a workout designed to be completed around the 10:00 time.  Your time is closer to 15:00.  This means that you have spent too much time resting and not enough time working.  Your overall goal is to use the #135 and complete the WOD in under 10:00.  The best way to approach this is to use a lighter weight and focus on limiting your resting periods.

Imagine a scenario for the above situation using #105 (~75% of #135) and completing the WOD in under 10:00. Then use #115 (~85% of #135) and completing the WOD in the same time. Then move up to 95% or Rx (#135) and you are on your way.

This method will allow you to stress your metabolic conditioning thereby increasing your power output.  You will be more proficient at the 10:00 workouts.  You can gradually increase the weights as your times stay consistently around the ideal times.  

The workouts change daily but you can use the ideals of the above scenario for any WOD.  The trainers will give you guidelines for the ideal duration of the WODs and appropriate weights/standards used for you as an individual.


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